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Who knew the best endorsement a downtown establishment could ask for would come from not the Dallas Cowboys but… Pittsburgh Steelers?  Pete’s, the dueling piano bar upstairs from The Library bar at 6th & Houston, has been mentioned by name by a myriad of sports networks and news websites due to a surprise visit and serenade by Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger Tuesday.

The bar was quick to embrace the attention by placing a sign on the sidewalk that reads “Big Ben Parties Here”, along with a photo of Roethlisberger posing with a, wait for it, Green Bay Packers fan; proof that the pundits should worry less about the Steelers O-line partying on the town and worry more about who hands Big Ben a drink.

Making the attention more surreal, just one block away on both ESPN’s Jumbotrons in Sundance Square was live footage of two NFL legends discussing that very story.  Super Week: the week that keeps on giving.

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