September 2011

Downtown Fort WorthIn what can only be described as “A Doozy”,’s infamous annual letter-hunting contest, known and loved by many as both a drama-inducing local newspaper journalist bridge-burner as well as enabler of self-guided tours where entrants become hypnotized in their search of signage obscurities, the 10th installment promises to raise the bar in titillating fashion.

“Sure, it’s more challenging than ever, but the prize haul will justify all that time spent scrutinizing downtown’s vast array of fonts and bevel-styles,” explains Robert McKee, chief provocateur of Downtown Fort’s Game and Wildlife Division.


Main Street Arts FestivalFor the first time in over a decade, the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival begins with nary a wind — a tradition that, year after year, seemed to bring all sorts of torrents, hail storms and wind shears powerful enough to knock over tents prior to downtown’s biggest event.  As veteran meteorologist Rebecca Miller of WB33 had explained to us, areas such as downtown Fort Worth are more susceptible to more violent winds as the flow of air through the city is blocked and redirected by the buildings, causing turbulence and increased wind speeds on the ground; though this weekend appears to be trouble-free weather-wise.  The Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival runs until 10:00pm Thursday, 10:30pm Friday and Saturday and 8:00pm Sunday.