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The 9th Annual Downtown Fort Worth Scavenger Hunt received 522 entries, but only one managed to find all twenty-six hidden letters. Mike and Donna Hornsby are the sole winners and take in our great Downtown Fort Worth haul worth over $750! If their names sound familiar to readers of this website, they also won the Scavenger Hunt #7 and came in second-place for the Scavenger Hunt #8 last year.

Here are the answers:

Downtown Fort Worth Letter Scavenger Hunt #9

A: Balcom Agency
B: Riscky’s Barbecue
C: United States Post Office
D: Leddy’s at Sundance Square
E: Cowtown Diner
F: Act Fast Bail Bonds
G: William Rigg Company
H: Mercury Chop House
I: Westwood Contractors, Inc.
J: David C. Jones Attorney
K: Texas Livestock Marketing Association
L: Guardian Health Care
M: Stylemakers Salon
N: Cantey Hanger
O: The Barr Company
P: AME Church Allen Chapel
Q: Montesorri Sundance Square
R: Milan Gallery
S: Magnussen & Davis Attorneys
T: G & M Tire
U: Coffee House Bar / City Life Center
V: “Division Office” from the Santa Fe Building
W: Sundance West
X: Texas Ranger’s Store
Y: Nancy’s Place / YWCA
Z: Uno’s Pizzeria

After our now-infamous extensive grading period, we have discovered some fun statistics:  K was the letter found by the least people, as only 9 people discovered it was from the Texas Livestock Marketing Association on Weatherford and Grove Streets.  The average number of correct letters found among all entries was 18.  And interestingly, just over 20% (108) of the entries were submitted on the final day of the contest deadline.

Downtown Fort Worth Scavenger Hunt tie breaking pasta pieces

Mini wagon-wheel pasta pieces meticulously counted in grids of 100.

Special thanks to Picchi Pacchi for hosting this year’s tie breaker:  A five-gallon glass jar filled with various pieces of pasta was on display that entrants needed to guess closest to in the event of a tie.  For the record, there were actually 3661 pieces of pasta in the jar, over a thousand of which were tiny wagon-wheel (rotelle di piccolini) pasta.  Looks must have been deceiving, as 92% of the guesses were “2000” or lower.  Though, the closest guess was actually an impressive 3636, that entrant only found fifteen letters.

Many thanks to the hundreds of people who have entered, all of whom were mature and patient during the grading and results-posting process, and congratulations (again) to the winners!  We are planning on something huge for our 10th installment of this contest next year — but if you want to attempt it, look out: past winners are eligible to enter, and at this game the Hornsbys are a dynasty to reckon with!

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