July 2010

Mayor Mike Moncrief and Ed Bass before the press conferenceUnder the newly constructed and much-welcomed 8.0 patio shade screen, Mayor Mike Moncrief, Ed Bass, John Goff of Crescent Real Estate, and Stephanie Druley of ESPN announce the exciting news that downtown Fort Worth will host ESPN’s coveted broadcast center during the entire week leading up to Superbowl XLV.  The final seven minutes of the press-conference features Moncrief at his most passionate, more

ESPN Announces Downtown Fort Worth as venue for Superbowl Week Broadcast CenterStephanie Druley of ESPN, along with Mayor Mike Moncrief, Sundance Square founder and downtown visionary Ed Bass, and John Goff, CEO of Crescent Real Estate announced during a joint-press conference ESPN’s decision to have Downtown Fort Worth’s Sundance Square be their broadcast center during Superbowl Week of the upcoming Superbowl XLV. Full video of the 26 minute press-conference is posted here.